HOLLYWOOD (October 11, 2012) _ The Aliens to Zombies Film Festival has named the winners of its screenplay competition honoring the best in science fiction, horror, documentary and post-apocalyptic storytelling for the screen. 

Winners, runner-ups and honorable mentions will be honored on Oct. 29-30 at the W Hotel in Hollywood as part of the Aliens to Zombies Convention (www.alienstozombies.com).


“The Roman Downsizing” - by John Leary – A corporate comedy with dark overtones

“Slippery Things” - by Lane Baker – A smart aleck girl who dreams of aliens strikes an unholy bargain.

“Zombielanche” - by Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson - Zombies from WWII are buried in the polar ice cap. A group of scientists digging in the permafrost bring them to life!

“Emergence” - by Chris Liliedahl - A fishing boat makes its way through artic waters, offering a fresh take on an old genre.

“The Child” by Michael Clark Haney and June Christopher, screenplay by June Christopher - Maya is a waitress at a local bar. She’s 6 months pregnant, and decides to leave the hospital where she’s under care and return to work. Only bad things begin to happen….


“Collapse: the River of Light” – Kyle Cowan - It’s the year 2056 and the planet has been taken over by a cult-lke government which has tagged everyone with numbers.

“Zomebo & Julieco” - story by June Hildebrandt and Colleen Kelly, Screenplay by Richard H. Moon -
A grade school where zombies and vampires go to school.

“I Save the World” - by Geoff Elsner and Carson Giffis -
Fighter pilot is sent on a suicide mission to take out a huge alien spacecraft that is threatening Earth.

“Unleashed” - by Duane Anthony Walters -
Four words: Zombie Bats. Yankee Stadium.