The Afterlife Convention Speakers

Savarna Wiley, MA CCMT CCHT
Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist

Drawn at an early age to the study of the healing arts and spiritual traditions, Savarna left school and home to practice yoga. Trained as a Holistic Health Educator, Yoga Teacher and artist in the 70's, she began exploring the power of symbol and image with people who could not speak and created an Art Therapy program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Later, she was one of the first to do graduate work in psychology on the effects of prayer and in 1988 earned a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology, focusing on The Ways People Pray.

She has 14 years experience working as a Hospice Chaplain. Being on the ethics board for end of life issues and providing spiritual support to people of diverse backgrounds has been a great teaching about death and life.

Certified by The Michael Newton Institute TM in Life Between Lives Hypnosis, she is also a research coordinator and case reviewer for The Newton Institute. Offering and experiencing Life Between Lives sessions has been an amazing adventure and a joy for her to share. Learning from this work, as well as from time spent with hundreds of hospice patients and families, she has developed a keen interest in the potential for how the collective experience of LBLs, NDEs and afterlife encounters may affect the attitudes, practices and cultural perceptions of death in positive ways.

Savarna is a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, Master level NLP Practitioner and instructor of hypnosis at The Institute for Transpersonal Studies.

This fall she will be appearing in the documentary “Soul” with Dr Raymond Moody. (Russian Network 1).