The Afterlife Convention Speakers

PAUL DAVIDS is a writer, producer and director. His most recent film, “The Life After Death Project,” premiered in May, 2013 on the SyFy channel. The film explores the purported communications of Forrest J. Ackerman, the founder of “Famous Monsters of Filmland,” to communicate with his friends after his death.

Ackerman, who passed away in 2008, is a legend in the sci-fi community for coining the phrase "sci-fi." Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Peter Jackson were among the avid readers of his influential “Famous Monsters Of Filmland” magazine. He was also co-creator of the popular comic book superheroine Vampirella.

Ackerman was a well-known supernatural skeptic. Yet his friends have experienced many unexplained incidents since his passing and believe it is Ackerman communicating. “Forry professed total skepticism and atheism,” Davids told the Huffington Post. “He had zero belief in the paranormal, didn't believe there was an afterlife, certainly didn't believe in God and didn't subscribe to any religion.”

In addition to the “Life After Death Project,” Davids is a prolific artist, writer and filmmaker. More information on his projects can be found at