I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time, care, honesty, and thoughtful assessment and advice offered in the two reviews that I received yesterday. They come at a time when I was looking for a good motivational kick to get back to work. It’s obvious the reviewers have an intimate knowledge of the publishing industry, particularly fiction genres, and that they made good use of their expertise in its application to my work. Both reviews far exceed the quality of Kirkus and Clarion reviews that I’ve read.

Gary Sproul, author, "The Length of the Leash"

If you have a book or screenplay you feel has movie potential and are looking for recognition from Hollywood, I highly recommend submitting your work to ‘The Hollywood Book Festival'. Winning an HBF award has openedBurbank and Studio City doors I could not have opened myself and brought me closer to realizing my movie goals.

Jonathan Womack, Publisher, Charles River
Press and author of the award winning novel, "A Cry for a Hero"

As a first time self-published author of a book of poems, I found the process for submitting one’s work clear, uncomplicated, responsive and open to all writers; as all literary events should be.

I was thrilled to find a book contest that truly provided self-published authors submission opportunities that many book fairs, festivals and contests do not as they strictly adhere to solely recognizing books published by mainstream publishing houses. As a result of recognition through “JM” managed book festivals, I have been eligible to submit to contests that otherwise would not have accepted my self-published work.“ JM “ has been influential in my:

  • having a national and international voice and exposure
  • being invited as a featured poet at national and international literary events
  • work being accepted in Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library to mention one of the national and international libraries.
  • emerging confidence to enter other book festivals where I have faired well.

The “JM” staff is amazingly kind, professional and supportive. They constantly and publicly speak highly of one’s work. They have been equally nurturing of my career providing me wonderful added value opportunities to be a panelist alongside renowned authors and as a featured poet at some of their managed book festivals.

“ JM ” festivals’ esteemed awards, beautifully adorned award ceremonies, which bring together national and international authors with whom you can engage and find inspiration, are among many of the literary experiences provided that have changed the course of my life forever. “JM” has been instrumental in helping to facilitate my founding a voice and in a space in world where few opportunities exist to either find a voice or a space from which speak.

I strongly recommend “ JM “ book festivals to any and every writer of all genres.

Neal Hall, M.D., Poet

What!? You’ve written or published a book and you haven’t submitted it for consideration to one of the J.M Northern Book Fair Competitions? Are you crazy? Or is the content of your book too delicate to shimmy-shake and hustle its way through the book-marketing two-step?

Take the advice of Marilyn (Monroe), Elizabeth (Taylor), Linda (Lovelace), Paul (Newman) and Zsa Zsa, Eva, and Magda (Gabor)—each of whose biographical treatments have already won some kind of literary recognition during our organization’s frenzied past: If you’ve written (or independently published) something of value, and if you HAVEN’T submitted it for consideration to one of the J.M Northern Group’s Book Competitions, you’re making a huge, career-breaking mistake.

In a publishing climate packed with other contenders, in an economic climate where costs are hawkeyed more carefully than typos in an about-to-be-printed manuscript, an award from the New York, the Los Angeles, the New England, the San Francisco, or the Hollywood Book Festival can represent a make-it-or-break-it rite of passage for your printed baby.

And if the subject of your book is horror or sci-fi, entering it in one of the specialty showcases (as, for example, the Halloween Book Festival) and then ratchet your winnings, through press releases, social media, and the horror-fan subcultures of the reading world, into greater visibility for your product.

Likewise, if you’ve published a cookbook or a “how-to” guide to ANYTHING, enter it NOW into one of the Northern Group’s regional competitions. (They include “The Great Midwestern,” “The Great Southeast,” “the Do-It-Yourself,” and the “Animals, Animals, Animals” Book Festivals).

Then, in the aftermath of a win, or placement, of your baby on the hallowed, carefully-watched list of “award winning titles,” you’ll be able, like a frenzied banshee, to pump up its implications (“MY BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLICLY HONORED AND OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED”) to anyone who will listen.

Your subsequent P.R. campaigns will then, with pride, testify that during a few bright and shining moments of your book-child’s life, there was indeed, a 21-gun salute (or at least a formal moment of literary recognition) that accompanied its release to the public at large. Happy Hunting, with congratulations to the J.M. Northern Group for the potentiality of some fabulous book-promoting opportunities.

Danforth Prince, President, Blood Moon Productions, Ltd.

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