The next meeting of Inventors and Innovations takes place on Tuesday, September 27 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA 90028. The meeting will be held in the Granada Room on the mezzanine level.

FEATURED SPEAKERS: The event will be highlighted by remarks from Amy Wenslow, CEO of Products to Profits, one of the leading direct marketing coaches, and Ethlie Ann Vare, author of "Mothers of Invention" and a nationally-recognized expert on female inventors. Both will discuss new opportunities for inventors and answer questions about the process of bringing an idea to market.

Admission to the September 27 event is $10 if you register by September 26. There will be a $15 door charge on the day of the event if you do not register in advance. You will receive an email notice confirming your RSVP and online payment. Click here for the registration form.


Everyone has an idea for the next great device. Some of the best inventors of the last two centuries were born in garages, bedrooms and spare offices.

But how do you get from an idea to sales? Should you license your product or sell direct? Who will design your prototype? And how important is packaging?

Inventors and Innovations is designed to answer those questions and more. Created by the industry for the inventor, our forum teaches you how to take a project from concept to creation to credit card sales, discussing the how-to steps of bringing an invention to the crowded and competitive marketplace.

At Inventors and Innovations, you’ll learn:

The First Steps: now that you’ve got an idea, what do you do? What’s the biggest mistake most inventors make?

Intellectual Property Protection – seasoned patent attorneys tell you about patents/trademarks/licensing and other legal issues that can help you avoid costly omissions and errors.

Packaging and Design – Need to attract attention? The right package makes all the difference. But there’s more to design than an attractive wrapper….

Direct Marketing and Advertising – What works and what doesn’t. How to achieve massive success – and when not to spend a dime.

Perfecting the Pitch – Inventors need feedback. Get your chance to pitch a panel of people like you to try and sell your product.

The Market Overview – The state of the business you’ll soon be in.

Success Stories – Inventors of successful products tell how they did it.